One reason to shop second hand, that's not on all the list.

One reason to shop second hand, that's not on all the list.



If you've been following me you know how much I love secondhand!! I enjoy recreating inpso looks using second hand pieces or taking some not so aesthetically pleasing home decor and making them new again. So naturally I wanted to compile all my reasons why I shop second hand. 

I've scoured Pinterest and the web in general going through many blogs on reasons why you should buy secondhand. What I found was that they were all very similar. They talk about how it saves money, supports slow and circular fashion, extends the life cycle of our garments and reduces the amount of textile waste, unique finds and quality in vintage and so on. All very important and I definitely agree with them. These are all on my list. 

But one reason that I didn't find on any of those list is it encourages you to discover your true individual style. I mean think about it, you walk into a department store or fashion chains like F21 or H&M or even Marshalls what you'll find is the items are the same in almost every store. The chances of you walking out the door with the same exact outfit as someone else is a lot more likely. When you shop second hand you're drawn to unique pieces that aren't readily available for the next person. You create outfits that are unique to you and express your individual style. Why fit in when you can stand out, right? 


Final Thougths

So now you know one new reason why you should shop second hand. I hope you've been inspired to express your individual style! 



10 Reasons why you should shop second hand:


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