Meet Melissa Renee

Meet Melissa Renee


I’m Melissa Renee, Owner of and creator of the Flip & Frame Thank You Cards. Here at the shop, I am the jack of all trades. I’m the content creator, collection curator, writer, editor, photographer etc. A one woman show! I also currently hold a full-time position as a sales supervisor in retail. But of all the titles I answer to, Mommy is my favorite!

 I’ve come a long way on this journey to where I am now! If you asked 18-year Melissa what I was going to do in life I wouldn’t have had a clue. I worked in fast food, telemarketing (yes, those annoying people that call around dinner time with a so-called amazing offer lol sorry.) And believe it or not I also served in the Army National Guard. So naturally I went to college and earned a degree in Administration of Justice. Yes!! The complete opposite of what I’m doing now! But hey you live, learn and grow. I’ve worked in retail going on 9 years with the same company. I’ve learned that visual merchandising, brand presentation and anything fashion related is what I truly enjoy!

 Outside of anything work or side-hustle related I enjoy getting crafty. I’m either doing the latest trending DIY’s from TikTok or simply just expressing my creative side through art! When I’m not doing any of the above, I’m probably playing tickle monster with my son or lounging with him scouring Disney + for 30 mins until we finally agree on a movie.

 So, what happens when you mix my passion for fashion and my craving for creative expression? You get!!


 Melissa Renee


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