My top 10 reasons to shop second hand

My top 10 reasons to shop second hand

A couple weeks back I shared a few reasons why I shop second hand. But there were a few that weren't on that list. So I've complied my top 10 reasons why I shop second hand and why I think you should too. 

1. Saves Money 

This one is nothing new. You probably already know you can save a ton of money buying second hand. But did you know that Goodwill gives you a coupon when you make a donation. So make a donation wether its small or large and snag that percentage off of already low prices. 

2. Find unique items 

Items are unique to each store. The chances of you finding the same item in different stores are slim to none. 

3. Quality in vintage 

Over time the we have seen a decrease in quality due to the high demand for on trend fashion. Garments of today are mass produced and cheaply made more than likely with synthetic fibers that are low quality in order to achieve and reach the consumers demand. 

4. Supports slow fashion 

When you buy second hand you're supporting slow fashion by telling major company's that you will not give in to fast fashion and throw away culture. 

5. Extends the cycle on garments 

Wether you are using the garment in its traditional form or upcyling you are extending that garments life cycle. We already used natural resources in order to produce these garments lets make sure we make good on that and use the garment for as long as possible. 

6. Supports small businesses and Non-profits 

If you're shopping from a second hand shop chances are its a small business and you directly supporting a family. Shopping thrift shops you support a non-profit organization that more than likely gives back directly to the community. 

7. Reduces textile waste 

When you buy second hand you're preventing those items from heading to a landfill. Therefore decreasing textile waste. 

8. Multiple brands in one place 

You can find so many brands from some you to some you hate. Its actually crazy how much Free People items I find. 

9. One stop shop for entire family and home 

Thrift store inventory consists of a variety from kids to adults and even home. You'll be surprised at what things you can find. 

10. Encourages you to discover you true individual style 

I mean think about it, you walk into a department store or fashion chains like F21 or H&M or even Marshalls what you'll find is the items are the same in almost every store.  When you shop second hand you're drawn to unique pieces that aren't readily available for the next person. You create outfits that are unique to you and express your individual style. Why fit in when you can stand out, right? 


I hope that you have been inspired to shop second hand! 


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