Lost Love

Lost Love


As we lay face to face, 

I've never felt more far away.

Distant, disconnected and detached.

Eyes that no longer seek mine.

Evading, empty and emotionless.

Hands that no longer caress. 

They used to feel so safe.

Now callous, cold and uncaring.

Conversations are mundane, monotonous even.

We used to share our thoughts, even the deepest.

We talked about the house that we would build and the places we would travel. 

Now silence fills the air.

 The same air that love had once inhabited.

My heart yearns for the connection that no longer seems to exist. 

Wake, work, sleep, repeat, simply co-exist.

So many things I want to hear.

So many things I want to say!!

As we lay face to face in silence

maybe that's all I need to hear, 

Confirmations of my fears.

Sometimes silence speaks the loudest. 


Melissa Renee Wells 

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