How I Framed & Use my Thank You Cards

How I Framed & Use my Thank You Cards

I'll start with a short back story about how and why I decided to create these cards. As I was exploring different design options for my personalized thank you cards, I started to think about what people actually do with them. For the most part I'll admit that I've just thrown them out. While I appreciated the super thoughtful touch with my orders,  I had no other purpose for them. With that in mind I started to think of different ways they could be reused. My mind went crazy with so many ideas. Eventually Flip & Frame was born. 

So now to the fun part! How I personally reused my cards. 

The first option is simple. Re-use as a Thank You card for your personal orders. Second option, grab a frame and frame it. I love finding amazing frames at the thrift store for cool projects like this one. A great sustainable option. The third option is to simply put it on the fridge. Last option takes a little bit more effort. Stick on a canvas with some mod podge. These are all only suggestions. There are others ways you may find to re-use them. I'd love to see all the great ways you reused your cards. Find me on IG: curatedcollectionsbymel and #flip&framebymelissarenee


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